With the world inundated with complex data, Nubia's AI tool is an invaluable resource for a newsroom of tomorrow that needs to understand data.

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Joshua Olufemi, CEO at Dataphyte

On a mission to Empower Newsrooms

NUBIA, a project conceived at the Journalism-AI 2022 fellowship by Datahpyte Nigeria and Fedrelandsvennen, is an open-source tool which was initially aimed at being an AI-powered news distribution platform that transforms web camera, geospatial and socioeconomic data into data-driven alerts and reports.

Nubia algorithmically generates news. It is designed to help journalists improve their productivity by giving them access to the tool required to produce automated articles. In turn, it allows developers to collaborate with journalists and gather feedback from editors, readers and the whole news room at large.

Nubia helps you to build and manage news articles. You can automate the news article generation process for multiple articles, create custom templates or view templates directly from the tool using the contribution guidelines.

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Why ?

The vast size of Africa, it's thousands of localities, are under-reported and sparsely contextualised leading to many unknown and unreported grassroots economies, politics and natural resources.

Country level and international data on climate change, health, education, agriculture, poverty and many more are produced periodically across Africa. Yet, little amount of the data is reproduced as insights, analyses or development news

Over 40 million African diaspora population rely heavily on international news platforms to understand their home countries which oftentimes lack in-depth analysis and local context which are often locked in data silos and unprocessed data sources such as satellite imagery and geospatial research